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Anti-stiction and Anti-Drift coatings for MEMS

MSI's MEMS coatings are designed to provide the following characteristics: covalently bonded monolayer, low surface energy, low friction coefficient, thermally and mechanically stable. While they mainly serve as anti-stiction coatings, these monolayers also provide long term surface stability, thus eliminating surface related drifting of device performance. Precursor molecules contain two major parts, R & X. The R group is selected to provide low surface energy, i.e., "wax" or "Teflon" like, while the X group is chosen to selectively react with the solid surface of interest for covalent linkage. The attachment of these molecules to the solid surface is a kinetically controlled process; the reaction self-terminates after a saturated monolayer coverage is reached. This is very different from self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). Such a selective and controlled reaction ensures that the coating is conformal with solid surfaces in a MEMS device. The thickness of the coating is chosen to be 1-3 nm and does not affect the mechanical properties of the MEMS structure.

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Low-background coatings for Microarrays, Bio-sensors, and Biomedical Research

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MSI's bio-surface coatings are designed to provide optimal performance for microarrays, particularly protein microarrays. These coatings possess the following characteristics: (1) low background chemical environment reduces/eliminates non-specific adsorption and allows blocking with small molecules; (2) covalent monolayer coating provides uniform surface functionality for protein attachment; (3) intrinsic inertness minimizes protein-surface contact area and preserves protein native state; (4) the coating is hydrophilic and compatible with fluidic systems. (click for details)

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