Samsung U Series Phones – a Step Ahead of Many a Contemporaries!

The last decade of history of mobile phones probably witnessed the maximum renovations in terms of technology augmentation and feature assortment in a mobile phone. For the good of every technology savvy soul, mobile phones have metamorphosed into some highly functioning, multi-purpose devices. With their sleek looks and engaging list of features, mobile phones have made their entry into the pockets of million, the number of which is growing at the speed of knots. The responsibility of such a iconic growth in the stature of mobile phones rests in the diligent efforts laid by some mobile manufacturing companies. And amongst them, Samsung mobile phones with its series of eye-scorching, heavily stylised creations, have enamoured many a souls and made its way to become one of the top most popular mobile phone brands in this world. Now to take mankind to another new level of mobile ecstasy, Samsung has stood true to its legacy and again come up with a set of svelte and sleek mobile phones under the name of U-series of Ultra Slim Edition II phones. These mobile phones either with names of Samsung U100, Samsung U300, Samsung U600, or Samsung U700, stands to amaze many a minds by their ultra sleek casing and stupendous functioning. In this category of phones, Samsung has tried to integrate advanced technology into the a slim and trim casing. Making the entire package an attractive must have deal. In this series of phones, Samsung comes up with a variety of form factor. If U600 and Samsung U700 boasts of an unbelievably slim slide-opening form factor, the Samsung U100 mobile phone stands tall from the crowed of mediocrity by being ultra-slim with a candy bar type body. All the three phones like any of their other siblings of the same family, comprise a smooth exterior finish and feature-laced interior. All the phones in U-series family come with 3 or higher megapixel cameras with several image enhancing accessories and add-ons, powerful media player, direct TV output and document viewer program. Now with such a light weight and engrossing looks, the Samsung U-series range of phones – Samsung U100, U300, U600 and Samsung U700 make sure that each phone meet every demands of a soul that seeks sophistication in terms of style and substance. These phones by every true sense are a step ahead of any of their many contemporaries.