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To customers in MEMS industry, we supply low energy surface coatings for anti-stiction or anti-drift applications

Coating 1: The coating is ideally suited for bulk-micromachined devices or surface micromachined devices obtained from dry etch-release. This coating is stable to as high as 400 oC in air.
Coating 2: the coating is designed for MEMS devices obtained from aqueous HF etching. The coating possesses similarly thermal stability as coating 1.
Coating 3: the coating is ideally suited for silicon based MEMS devices from surface micromachining obtained from aqueous HF release etch. It is optimized for exceptionally low surface energy (H2O contact angle 110 – 125 degrees) and low friction coefficient (~0.01).

o customers in BioMEMS industry, we supply low background coatings:

To try out, order Low-Background functional glass slides for protein, antibody, peptide, or other microarrays! low background slides

We also license low background surface coating technology to BioMEMS (microfluidics and microarrays) manufacturers.

License procedure:

1) MSI will provide limited consultation at no charge to discuss approaches of problem solving. At this stage both parties enter into mutual CDA/NDA; 2) MSI will then provide low energy coatings on customer’s devices to develop protocol and demonstrate the elimination of problem. Such sampling is at nominal cost; 3) MSI and customer will enter into a contract NRE agreement to optimize the coating to customer’s specifications; 4) MSI will license its coating technology and/or supply coating equipment to the customer and assist the customer in implementing the technology; 5) MSI will continue to work with the licensee to monitor any coating issue and make future coating technology from MSI available to the licensee.

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