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 Products & Services from MicroSurfaces, Inc.

To customers in Biochips, we supply low background coatings:

Here is the link for pricing and ordering.

The ZeroBkg® line of surfaces each consisting of a high density brush of poly (ethyleneglycol) (PEG) for extremely low background and chemical functionality for the specific immobilization of proteins, peptides, antibodies and other biomolecules. The coatings are available on standard glass coverslips, quartz coverslips, glass slides, silicon wafers, and a variety of customer materials. Now available for gold SPR sensors.

Announcing the new FluidArray line of cell membrane mimicking surfaces possessing both lipid mobility and air-stability. These coatings are ideal for the fabrication of cell membrane mimicking microarrays, such as membrane protein microarrays, fluidic glycan microarrays, etc. They can also be used for extending biosensor technologies, such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor, to the analysis of cell surface processes.

To customers in MEMS, we supply low energy surface coatings for anti-stiction or anti-drift applications

Coating 1: The coating is ideally suited for bulk-micromachined devices or surface micromachined devices obtained from dry etch-release. This coating is stable to as high as 400 oC in air.
Coating 2: the coating is designed for MEMS devices obtained from aqueous HF etching. The coating possesses similarly thermal stability as coating 1.
Coating 3: the coating is ideally suited for silicon based MEMS devices from surface micromachining obtained from aqueous HF release etch. It is optimized for exceptionally low surface energy (H2O contact angle 110 - 125 degrees) and low friction coefficient (~0.01).

How to do business with MicroSurfaces:

1) Coating services: you send us unfinished MEMS products (e.g., at the die level or before packaging). We will provide the critical anti-stiction and anti-drift coatings and send the coated devices back to you for the completion of your manufacturing process. Cost of the service will depend on both time and volume.

2) License: We will license our coating technology and/or supply coating equipment to the customer and assist the customer in implementing the technology. We will continue to work with the licensee to monitor any coating issue and make future coating technology from MSI available to the licensee.

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