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Recent News……

May 2008
MicroSurfaces will present at 2008 Life Science Venture Forum in California.

April 2008
MicroSurfaces received SBIR awards from NIH & NSF.

Feb. 2008
MicroSurfaces announced the FluidArrays® product platform, i.e. fluidic and air stable cell membrane mimicking microarrays, for high throughput screening of cell surface interactions.

December 2007 :
MicroSurfaces established technology superiority of the ZeroBkg® series of functional surfaces. Customers are using these surfaces for various applications, such as single molecule spectroscopy, biosensors, protein microarrays, etc.

February 2005

MicroSurfaces was awarded an SBIR Phase II grant from NSF to develop membrane protein microarray technology.

August 2004
MicroSurfaces was awarded with an SBIR Phase II grant by NIH.

July 2004
We are growing! MicroSurfaces moves into new office and lab space.

April 2004
MicroSurfaces’ coatings find new applications in data storage devices and optics.

October 2003
filed two additional patents on antistiction coatings.

August 2003
was named one of top 20 players in protein microarray development by trade magazine “The Scientist”.

July 2003
was awarded with an SBIR grant by the National Science Foundation.

May 2003
MicroSurfaces’ coating has sustained 10 billion cyles of actuation in a micromirror device.

December 2002
MicroSurfaces’ coatings have been successfully demonstrated on a dozen of customer’s MEMS devices.

September 2002
Recognizing the critical importance of surface control, MEMS market analyst, Yole Development
of France, named MicroSurfaces as a key player in MEMS industry at COMS 2002.

July 2002
New application of MicroSurfaces’ coatings demonstrated: the elimination of drift in optical MEMS.

June 2002
MicroSurfaces’ first patent on surface coating technology was granted.

May 2002
Microsurfaces, Inc received an SBIR grant from NIH

January 1st, 2002
Microsurfaces, Inc moved into new lab facility and is ready for providing coating service for MEMS & BioMEMS.

November 14th, 2001
MicroSurfaces, Inc. obtained seed capital investment.

May 1st, 2001
MicroSurfaces, Inc. wins 2nd prize in the Minnesota Business Plan Competition. The GopherTheGold competition is run annually by the Carlson School of Management and business/investment communities in the Twin Cities.

November 27th, 2000
In a news article in Business Week on "Nanotechnology", one of MSI’s key surface coating technologies, originally developed at the University of Minnesota, is featured as a future solution to the "surface" problem in micro- to nano-meter scale devices.

October 12th, 2000
MicroSurfaces, Inc. enters into an exclusive license agreement with the University of Minnesota.

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