Low background coatings for protein microarrays

Low background aldehyde slides for protein microarrays

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MSI’s Low-Background Coatings for Microarrays

MSI’s surface coatings are designed to provide optimal performance for microarrays of proteins, antibodies, or peptides. They are also excellent substrates for other microarrays. These coatings possess the following characteristics: (1) low background chemical environment reduces/eliminates non-specific adsorption and allows blocking with small molecules; (2) covalent monolayer coating provides uniform surface functionality for protein attachment; (3) intrinsic inertness minimizes protein-surface contact area and preserves protein native state; (4) the coating is hydrophilic and compatible with fluidic systems. (Read more…)

Order Low-Background aldehyde glass slides ($250/box of 25, MSI-021)
Other functional slides available soon!

E-mail or call us at 612-789-0104 to discuss your applications. 

Performance characteristics of MSI’s Low-Background aldehyde slide

low background protein array
Fluorescence images of protein arrays printed on MSI’s low background aldehyde slides (right panel) and on a silanized aldehyde slide from a leading competitor (left panel).
  quantitative immobilization
Upper panel: fluorescence images of two different concentrations of membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase (MT5-MMP). The array was probed with antibody to MT5-MMP and then with cyanine 5.18-conjugated secondary antibody for detection

Lower panel: linear dependence of fluorescence intensity on protien concentration.


high specificity Specificity of anti-MT5-MMP antibody on protein microarray
Isoforms of membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases, MT5-MMP, MMP-3, MMP-8 and MMP-9, were arrayed respectively on MSI’s functional slides. The array was subsequently probed with antibody to MT5-MMP and then with cyanine 5.18-conjugated secondary antibody for protein spot detection. 16 protein spots are identical.

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