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MicroSurfaces Inc.

MicroSurfaces Inc. (MSI) is founded in 2001 to commercialize surface coating technologies. MSI is addressing the emerging industry of Biochips and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS). For micromachines, MSI's technology provides a low surface energy coating which eliminates the tendency of MEMS parts to stick together or slide poorly; a problem referred to as "stiction", and reduces the problem of long term performance drift due to surface changes. For biochips, MSI's technology provides low background coatings for the immobilization of biomolecues, such as DNA and proteins, etc., and surface modification for microfluidic devices.


MicroSurfaces' Business

It is the thesis of MSI that by offering critical surface coating technology to the MEMS and biochip industries, MSI can facilitate the realization of the promise these products. For existing products, MSI's coating can substantially reduce cost and improve reliability, thus allowing these manufacturers to more effectively compete in the market place.

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